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Ray Jordan Wine

Publication design

Design Consultant - Cannings Purple

Brand strategy

Brand identity

Style Guide

Website Design

Publication Design

As the creative lead, I executed this work with a team of communication specialists at Cannings Purple.


Ray Jordan, a WA wine taster with a 40 year legacy came to Cannings Purple to develop a brand identity, website and publication for his yearly vintage wine tasting.


The project began with an inital branding strategy workshop after which we used an iterative approach to design and to finalise the logo and style guide. The graphic devices reflect  the intersection of winemaking and the geography, climate, and soil unique to Western Australian wine such as the granite bedrock of the south west producing some of the World's oldest and lowest vigour soils.

While designing the 200 page publication  'WA Wine Review' there was a  particular focus on layout, hierarchy and typography to bring Ray's witty and knowledgeable writing to life. A cursive font was used as 'Ray's voice' and Ray wrote 1st person reflection thoughout the book to give the reader a feeling of having a conversation with Ray.  The images from photographer Frances Andrijich were carefully selected to support the narrative of the text and referenced wineries and winemakers.

A component of the project included designing  a website for Ray Jordan which was led by the digital team who provided the wireframe informing the design. This website will set a precedent for a wine 'find and filter' page where the user will be able to search for a particular wine and see Ray's score as well as tasting notes. This website hasn't yet been made public.

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