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My Salvos App and Service

Nobel Park,


App Design


UX & UI 


Business Collaboration

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In 2017, whilst at University, I worked in a small team to solve a problem for Salvation Army and Australia Post. Salvation Army required a strategy to promote the donation of high-value and a service that would be suitable for receiving,  selling and dispatching more expensive items.


Salvation Army had an existing system in place where they would sell high-value items received via  their donation bins on eBay, in hope of a higher profit than when sold in store.  However, the system required more work than payoff and no way of promoting continuous high-value donations.

Our solution was to design an app, My Salvos, that allowed people to donate high-value items from their home. Donators are required to complete a simple form and upload photos.

Once the item was approved by Salvation Army it would automatically upload to eBay. When the item sold, donators would then receive a pre-paid package from the Salvation Army in the mail for them to send the item directly to the purchaser. My Salvos also allowed donators to track their contribution and see where their donation money was being used.


The system was streamlined and automated and well received by Salvation Army. They merged many of the systems we designed into their practices today.

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