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Development WA - Annual report


This work was executed whilst working for Cannings Purple as an interaction designer.


DevelopmentWA approached Cannings Purple to design their first digital annual report, with a very tight turnaround of 2 weeks.


  1. As the project lead, I used the initial meeting with the client to distill the requirements and align the overall size of the website. 

  2. I created wireframes which were sent to the client for review to ensure all the content required was reflected in the design.

  3. I designed the website in a drag-and-drop builder, using embedded content for interactive data visualisation and videos.

  4. The finished product was launched under the client subdomain.

The client was overwhelmed with the results in such a short time frame and since we've seen over 474 unique visitors with an average session time of 5.36 mins.

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