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Design consultant- Cannings Purple




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In the Setonix Supercomputer Announcement Landing Page project, I played a key role in creating a dynamic digital gateway to celebrate Setonix's achievement as the 4th greenest supercomputer globally. Collaborating closely with the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, I crafted an engaging landing page that effectively conveyed the significance of this remarkable milestone.

My task was to distill the complex achievement of Setonix's green ranking into a concise yet impactful narrative. Through strategic design and content curation, I aimed to highlight the technological advancement and environmental impact of this exceptional supercomputer.

The outcome is a visually appealing and informative landing page that communicates Setonix's achievement while emphasizing its role in advancing research and sustainability efforts. Through thoughtful design and user-focused content, I successfully translated Setonix's achievement into an engaging digital experience.

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