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Pawsey Supercomputing - Annual report

Pawsey AR.png

This work was executed whilst working for Cannings Purple as an interaction designer.


Pawsey Supercomputing approached Cannings Purple to design their first digital annual report. They had large sets of data that they wanted us to create data visualisations from.


  1. As the project lead, I used the initial meeting with the client to distill the requirements and framework for the annual report that would inform the theme, content writing, and brief for the artist.

  2. I met with the local artists to brief them on the concept for the year and the direction for the art.

  3. I designed the website in a drag-and-drop builder, using embedded content for interactive data visualisation and videos.

  4. The finished product was launched under the client subdomain.

The Pawsey AR has exceeded our initial expectations with 817 unique visitors since July with an average page session of 9.21 min.

The client has shared the design with government bodies around the globe and gave glowing reviews at the project close.

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